Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Steampunk!

Started building another set of ornaments. Here is my polyclay punked up snowman!

He's not done yet, he needs some arms, a watch hand nose, and small screws for eyes.
He'll be a rocking addition to the tree this year.

Mosaic Madness

My next "I want to make" project involves a bowling ball. It also involves tile, adhesive and grout. I want a garden orb to look over my garden weeds.

Several friends and I gather monthly to craft. We work on all kinds of stuff. Kristen is our resident Mosaic guru with the best organized craft space I have personally walked into. I'll be picking her brain on this! Where my mosaics to date have been either stepping stones, or small rocks glued to frames, Kristen's designs are rockin!

So, another crafting cohort gave me a broken bowling ball.
(WTH - how do you break a bowling ball?)
Do you see it? I need to fill that gash, and then fill the finger holes. I'm conjuring up designs in my feeble little head and trying to put them on paper for this project.

My mosaic tiles will consist of glass, a few old loved dishes that chipped during their lifetime and polyclay tiles I will be making just for this project.

Here are some inspiration projects from others:

Pretty aren't they! I'll update this as work progresses!